Luxury Car Ownership: How to Maintain High Value

When you spend extra on a luxury vehicle, it’s important to make sure you take great care of it from the time you drive it off the lot. While proper care is different for every vehicle, the rules below can be applied to any make and model. At Temecula Express Lube, we hope these tips come in handy for keeping your car looking and running great for many years to come.

– Don’t Skip Maintenance

With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to have your oil changed or even your radiator flushed at a traditional mechanic. This is where our facility at Temecula Express Lube comes in handy. We specialize in fast yet effective service for luxury and everyday cars. We offer oil changes, auto transmission drain/refill, power steering flush, and so much more. Our prices are affordable and we always give you a car wash with your service to leave you driving off in style.

– Don’t Skip Car Washes

Washing the exterior of your car will help keep the paint looking good while preventing rust from building up throughout the year. Washes can also help remove hard water stains so you have a better resale value in the future. Cleaning the interior is another important way to keep your car in better shape.

– Clean the Tires

Want your tires to last longer? Have them regularly washed to remove dirt, rocks, and other debris you pick up on the road. You might be surprised how much longer they last!

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