Save Time With a Car Wash and Oil Change

The days of driving to separate facilities for car washes and oil changes are in the past. Temecula Quick Lube is proud to now offer a free car wash for each customer that comes in for an oil change. How long do you normally go without a car wash or an oil change because you simply don’t have time for both? This service can ensure you have both done without having to compromise on time.

Whether you’re a busy parent or can’t squeeze in time with a hectic work schedule, a car wash paired with an oil change is something you can easily accommodate. With the experience that the professionals at Temecula Quick Lube have, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that things are done right. They even specialize in quick oil changes so you’re not stuck waiting for extended periods of time.

Changing the oil in your car is one of the most important things to do to ensure the engine is kept healthy. And with car washes helping to eliminate hard water stains and other debris, it will help keep the exterior of your car in good shape. Don’t skip either of these simply because you don’t want to drive to two different places or spend more money. Temecula Quick Lube offers the wash for free with the oil change so you save time and get the service you need.

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