Signs You Need an Oil Change

Not sure when you last had an oil change done? Don’t worry! At Temecula Express Lube, we can help you determine when it’s time to come in and have your servicing done next. Below you’ll find some of the biggest signs that this needs to be done soon.

1. Noisy Engine

Hear knocking that’s not coming from someone outside your car? This could be the engine knocking around because there’s no oil to provide a lubrication layer in-between different parts.

2. Your Light is On

Perhaps the most obvious sign that an oil change may be necessary is the presence of a service light in your car. While this could be a fuse that has become loose, it’s always best to check just in case an oil change or other servicing is needed.

3. Smoke

When it comes to your car, smoke is never a good sign. If this is coming out of your tailpipe, have your oil changed and your car serviced as soon as possible.

4. Dark Oil

Once oil is used, it turns a dark color. Check yours to see what color is coming out of your engine. If it’s dark instead of amber, this is a surefire sign you need maintenance done.

If you need an oil change, come to our facility at Temecula Quick Lube. Our prices are affordable and we offer friendly service!

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