Temecula Quick Lube

As a family owned and operated company, Temecula Quick Lube is proud to be one of the most reliable companies for car washes in Temecula, CA. As a local company, their priority is to provide the best service to every customer in order to keep their cars sparkling clean. Unlike other companies in the area, Temecula Quick Lube offers a wide variety of services aside from car washes. This includes oil changes, radiator flushes, power steering flushes, transmission drain and refills, and more. All of these services are completely by trained experts and a team of hard-working professionals.

Value for your money is important to our company, especially since we realize you have other choices when it comes to car washes and oil changes. That’s why Temecula Quick Lube always has affordable prices for our car wash and oil change services in Temecula, CA. We also offer specials on a regular basis to help save you even more money and keep your car running well without breaking the bank. We want to see you come back regularly and will fight to keep you as a customer.

If you want to keep your car clean, come and see us. We will work with you to make your car as clean as possible no matter how dirty it is. Days at the beach, rain storms, and long road trips are no challenge for us. Our mission is clean cars and affordable oil changes in Temecula, CA for all!

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