Time to Service Your Car? Take the Hassle Out of it

One major reason why car owners avoid car maintenance for longer than they should is the fact that getting the work done can be a hassle. From finding a good mechanic to scheduling time to wait for an appointment, the process can be distressing. At Temecula Express Lube, we’re here to help change this experience for the better. A few reasons why we’re a great spot to visit for car servicing include:

Quick Service

We offer quick maintenance because we know our customers are on tight schedules. This means you won’t sit waiting for an extended length of time. However, we still offer service that’s done right. Our mechanics are excellent at what they do and are driven to deliver reliable results.


The cost of maintenance at our facility is affordable! We want to make it easy for you to have the work done that you need, which is why our prices are never marked up. Customers even get a free car wash with every oil change so you leave driving in style.

Whether you need your transmission fluid drained or just a simple oil change, we can help with it all. We work quickly and know how to keep our customers happy.

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