When Should You Have Your Car Serviced?

Is it time to have your car serviced? If you’re not sure, there are a few signs that you can look out for to tell you when to go. At Temecula Quick Lube, we’d like to share a few below.

1. It Has Been 2,000 Miles

If you’ve driven 2,000 miles since your last servicing, then it’s very likely it’s time to have it done again. While this isn’t the case for every car, it is for the majority. If you’re still not sure, then check your handbook that came with your vehicle.

2. A Light is On

While a light can turn on when a fuse is burned out, it can also turn on when servicing is required. If you come in and see our team at Temecula Quick Lube, they’ll tell you which maintenance needs to be done to get your car up and running like new again.

3. Fluids are Low

If you’ve checked your oil and it’s low, it’s best to come in to have it changed. You should also come in if you notice that you windshield wiper or any other fluid is too low to function. This will help you drive more safely!

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